using multiple servers with just 1 dns?

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using multiple servers with just 1 dns?

Post by FiNaLBeTa »

When going to some networks, you go for example to dns
and then that servers links you through to enother irc server. and the next time to again enother irc server.

How is that done? is their an unreal ircd running on (is that what a hub is for? ) or is a host that just dos port forwarding?

thank you for any responds.
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Post by aquanight »

Well, there are two ways it can be done:
  • You have a single server at which has a server daemon to randomly forward the connection to other servers. This isn't the recommended way.
  • Your NameServer for has multiple A records for irc thus creating a "round robin". When this occurs the IP returned is selected more-or-less randomly (guess this depends on the nameserver software. Some might just have some sequential rotation). Thus every time you resolve you'll get a different IP because there are multiple IPs associated with that domain. This is what networks usually use.
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Post by katsklaw »

The "round robin" that aquanight is refering to are multiple A record entries in your DNS file

Code: Select all

irc                  IN       A
irc                  IN       A
irc                  IN       A

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Post by Jason »

I know basicly no DNS, and had just learned that fact the day before i posted it (or neglected to do so, not sure if i did or not, bad memory) but whats the IN?
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Post by AngryWolf »

"IN" stands for Internet servers. If you want to read a documentation about DNS, I suggest the ones below: ... hapter.pdf

Of course, there might be better ones.
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Post by codemastr »

The IN is really optional. None of the other classes (Chaos and Hesiod) are almost completely dead. So IN has become the default.
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