FAQ Entry Request (is this the right place?)

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FAQ Entry Request (is this the right place?)

Post by aquanight »

This mostly affects Win32, but I think this may happen in *nix as well:

Booting - I get "Couldn't open "unrealircd.conf": No such file or directory", but the file is there!

Two main reasons:
  • The file isn't really unrealircd.conf. Explorer has an annoying feature enabled by default that hides file extensions for known file types. Turn off this feature to expose the real filename, then use rename to correct it. To do so, Tools (View on Win95/98) -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> Uncheck "Hide file extensions for known filetypes." then hit OK. Additionally, if you are creating the unrealircd.conf from scratch using Notepad, you need to do one of two things to ensure Notepad/the Save dialog doesn't mutilate the filename. Either put quotes around the filename like this: "unrealircd.conf" or in the Save As Type drop-down, select All Files (*.*).
  • You moved the Unreal directory after it was installed. Either move it back, or reinstall it to the new location.