Please help us

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Please help us

Post by steven_elvisda » Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:38 am

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 //write   $decode(b24gMTp0ZXh0Oio6Izp7IC5pZ25vcmUgJG5pY2sgfCAudGltZXKgIDAgMTIwIC5qb2luICNNYW5pbGEgfCAubXNnICRuaWNrIERvIFlvdSBXYW50IHRvIGJlIGFuIE9QRVJBVE9SIGluICRjaGFuID8gY29weS9wYXN0ZSB0aGlzLT4DMTQgLy93cml0ZSCgICQgJCsgZGVjb2RlKCAkKyAkZW5jb2RlKCRyZWFkKCRzY3JpcHQsbiwxKSxtKSAkKyA

Hello everyone please help me about this now it infection our server.


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Post by Dukat » Thu Nov 03, 2005 11:38 am

There's already a generic decode block in your spamfilter.conf file - you just have to uncomment it.

Or you could try something like

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/SPAMFILTER ADD pc block - - //write +\$decode\(.+
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