m_dnsbl crashes

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m_dnsbl crashes

Post by Turbo_boy »

Hello there,

I know you will say use bopm for this (or not) but I want to let my ircd's already check the dnsbl if the IP is blacklisted or
not so there will me less bandwith...

But now if there is a clone attack going to that server it just crashes, this without error message or anything.
I checked the ircd.log but nothing in there about a crash..

Does someone have a sollution for this?
I run UnrealIRCD 3.2.7

I deactivated the module untill it is fixed.

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Re: m_dnsbl crashes

Post by Jobe »

Such a crash is more of a reason to use BOPM, since if BOPM crashes your network still runs.

If your IRCd crashes so does your network.
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Re: m_dnsbl crashes

Post by Stealth »

m_dnsbl was never meant to be a replacement for running a BOPM. Last I had heard about this module, it was experimental and should not be used, as crashes were expected.

Jobe is right, use a BOPM.
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