Top-10 modules list (OLD)

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Top-10 modules list (OLD)

Post by Syzop » Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:29 am

Thanks to the project we have a list of which 3rd party modules are used most on UnrealIRCd.
Here is the top-10:
  1. hideserver*: Hide servers from /MAP and /LINKS
  2. privdeaf*: Adds a +D usermode which block all private messages to you
  3. ircops*: Adds an /IRCOPS command which show a list of IRCOps currently online
  4. netadmins: protects ircops from other ircops (kill protection)
  5. textban*: Adds extban +b ~T:censor:*badword* which allow you to censor or block certain text
  6. rmtkl: /RMTKL command which allows you to remove KLINE's etc. in an easy manner
  7. getinfo: Show detailed information about users
  8. m_jumpserver*: This module adds the ability to 'redirect' all users to another server.
  9. operpasswd: Show password of OPER attempts
  10. antimoon: this module protected against an old virus. no longer useful.
Items marked with * are included as of UnrealIRCd 4.0.10 (and later). Technically, they are now official modules and no longer 3rd party modules. Of these modules only jumpserver and privdeaf are loaded by the default (in 4.0.10 anyway). The other ones you need to add a loadmodule line for, such as:

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loadmodule "m_ircops";

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