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Questions/suggestions/support regarding the admin panel, the JSON-RPC interface and other such software

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About the UnrealIRCd webpanel forum

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Since 2023 we have the UnrealIRCd Administration WebPanel. It gives you an overview of your IRC network, with detailed information about servers, users and channels. You can easily add and remove server bans, spamfilters and do other administrative tasks, all from the convenience of your web browser. The admin panel is written in PHP and uses UnrealIRCd's JSON-RPC feature.
  • See the UnrealIRCd webpanel on the wiki for more screenshots and how to install the panel.
  • The webpanel is not the only thing that uses the JSON-RPC interface to communicate with UnrealIRCd. See JSON-RPC for more information on the technical interface, other software, or if you want to do admin tasks or gather statistics from UnrealIRCd via your own (web or non-web) project.
This forum is there for questions, suggestions, help, really all talk about the UnrealIRCd webpanel, JSON-RPC and any other programs that use it to interface with UnrealIRCd. We also have a dedicated IRC channel for this: #unreal-webpanel on irc.unrealircd.org.