Linking anope 2.0.13 and Unrealircd

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Linking anope 2.0.13 and Unrealircd

Post by wzion »

hi guys , hope you all do good.
when i try to connect latest anope to , new 6.1 unrealircd , connection always refused , connects but drops , authentication error. and there is a page says
says passwords not same type on each sides. i really did not understand what it means.
i made my own trick , installed old 5 unrealircd , connected. and upgrated to 6 , no problems. my problem solved. reporting in (:
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Re: Linking anope 2.0.13 and Unrealircd

Post by dktmb »

Hi wzion,

(this post more for potentially people with this error as you've resolved yours)

In the conf' files, one on unreal side and the other on anope, you have to configure the link block.

An example for the unreal's conf file :

Code: Select all

        incoming {
                mask ip;
        password "your-password-must-be-the-same";
        class servers;
And the Anope's side :

Code: Select all

        host = ""
        ipv6 = no
        ssl = no
        port = xxxx
        password = "your-password-must-be-the-same";
The passwords must be the same on the both sides.
More explanations and details here : ... with_anope and/or on the Anope's website.

Hope it will help :)
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