So, what do you want?

Looking for a module? Or want to see one converted to 6.x?

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So, what do you want?

Post by Valware »

Hi, I write third-party UnrealIRCd modules and I just wanted to ask the UnrealIRCd community what sort of modules they want but are too afraid to ask for. Maybe you don't ask because you think your idea is stupid, or small, or would get easily rejected or something; well stop thinking that, and give me your ideas. Maybe your idea would help the rest of the UnrealIRCd community, we don't know until you ask.

So give me your ideas for modules, it doesn't matter if it feels like it's something that would only apply to your IRC network, or if it seems like it's a small idea and not worth it, I would still like to know about it. Maybe it would get rejected, but maybe it would inspire something much better. So, UnrealIRCd community, your ideas please :D

I want to know what kind of modules you think would be useful to you or to everyone, regardless of what it is.

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Re: So, what do you want?

Post by David »

Here we are! You ask, and you will receive! :D
I would say that it should be updated or created a new one, the one to assign the realname, to date there is only Gottem's gecos_replace (thanks) which however does not accept wildcards

A random quit module is missing, so you can set more than one personalized exit message for web clients, or to make greetings less static

There is no module that warns those who often change nicknames at every connection (if he doesn't change IP obviously), who will be blocked, banned or reported as options on the 4/5th change. This would also help those who have registered-only channels to remove this block and leave more freedom with better control

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know
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Re: So, what do you want?

Post by CrazyCat »

Hi Valware,

For years, I hoped for a module allowing to have an action (warn, kill, gline... same as spamfilter) on users which are not on any channel after a reasonnable delay.
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Re: So, what do you want?

Post by AsLaN »

Hi Valware!

i was wonder if a module can work side-by-side with security groups to add an extra swhois on each client like a complement of the third/logged-in-from module and we can customize that swhois line, like

sg-extra-swhois {
security-group-name { "name";}
swhois { "Customize SWhois line is placed here";}

another idea is to have a module to allow irc operators to send global IRC messages to all ( and i mean ALL) channels/users

so far this is my suggestion
Best Regards!
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