Differences between UltimateIRCD and UnRealIRCD

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Differences between UltimateIRCD and UnRealIRCD

Post by EnigmaX »

First of all I dn't want to start anything but I just lost a room on Undernet and because of that I installed UltimateIRCD to find out that I needed services like ircservices, or Anope.org. UltimateIRCd and the way it works cx, and such is very confusing for my 20-30 users, they want something similar to UNDERNET and what they are used to.

Is UnrealIRCD similar to Undernet style or which one is it.. appreciate any opinions or suggested to run.

I'm running RH 9.0, 100Mbit line, will only have small amounts of users, very few OPs, and that's about it.
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Post by Wiggle »

The closest to Undernet's IRCd you'll get is probably.. Undernet's IRCd ;).
You can find it on http://coder-com.undernet.org/.

Though getting "X" etc 100% the same as on Undernet might be a little harder, try searching google for X-like services. (The "most popular" packages, which you mentioned in your post, are *Serv like.)
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Re: Differences between UltimateIRCD and UnRealIRCD

Post by shanevic7 »

Wiggle i cant open up your link is there something wrong with it?
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Re: Differences between UltimateIRCD and UnRealIRCD

Post by katsklaw »

Nothing wrong with wiggle's link.

Undernet's ircd (direct link): http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/unde ... z?download
Undernet's services (direct link): http://gnuworld.cvs.sourceforge.net/gnuworld/
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Re: Differences between UltimateIRCD and UnRealIRCD

Post by Stealth »

For comparisons between IRCds, I recommend you take a look at wikipedia where most features are compared side-by-side for many popular IRCds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison ... at_daemons