Unreal3.2.8-rc2 released for testing

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Unreal3.2.8-rc2 released for testing

Post by Syzop » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:46 pm

The second Release Candidate for 3.2.8 is out: 3.2.8-rc2.
There have only been a few fixes (operoverride, mac os x compile fix, dealing with clock adjustments) and documentation updates since -rc1.

Release candidates allows members from the public to test if there are any major release critical bugs (eg: crash bugs) present, so they can be corrected before the real 3.2.8 release. If you want to help out with testing, just download it and give it a try.

You can download 3.2.8-rc2 from http://www.unrealircd.com/ -> downloads.

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Unreal3.2.8-rc2 Release Notes

- If you are upgrading on *NIX, make sure you run 'make clean' and './Config'
  first, before doing 'make'
- The official UnrealIRCd documentation is doc/unreal32docs.html
  online version at: http://www.vulnscan.org/UnrealIRCd/unreal32docs.html
  FAQ: http://www.vulnscan.org/UnrealIRCd/faq/
  Read them before asking for help.
- Report bugs at http://bugs.unrealircd.org/
- When upgrading a network, we assume you are upgrading from the previous
  version (3.2.7). Upgrading from 3.2.6 or 3.2.5 should also be no problem.
  However, if you have a network running with servers that are several versions behind
  (eg: 3.2.1) then you might experience small (desynch) problems.
  Please also minimize the time you have multiple versions running, a few days or
  one week is generally not a problem, but having mixed versions on a network for several
  weeks or months is not recommended.
- The purpose of the sections below (NEW, CHANGED, MINOR, etc) is to be a SUMMARY of
  the changes in this release. There have been XX+ changes, and trying to mention them
  all would be useless, see the Changelog for the full list of changes.

==[ NEW ]==
- set::level-on-join: this defines which privileges a user receives when creating a
  channel, default is 'chanop', the only other available setting is 'none' (opless).
- Away notification through WATCH: This allows clients to receive a notification
  when someone goes away or comes back, along with a reason, a bit like IM's.
  There's probably no current client supporting this but it would be a nice feature
  in notify lists. Client developers: see Changes file for full protocol details.
  This feature can be disabled by setting set::watch-away-notification to 'no'.
- Spamfilter: Slow spamfilter detection: For each spamfilter, Unreal will check,
  each time it executes, how long it takes to execute. When a certain threshold is
  reached the IRCd will warn or even remove the spamfilter. This could prevent a
  spamfilter from completely stalling the IRCd. Warning is configured through
  set::spamfilter::slowdetect-warn (default: 250ms) and automatic deletion is
  configured by set::spamfilter::slowdetect-fatal (default: 500ms).
  You can set both settings to 0 (zero) to disable slow spamfilter detection.
  This feature is currently not available on Windows.
- SSL: set::ssl::server-cipher-list can be used to limit the allowed ciphers
- SSL: To specify when an SSL session key should be renegotiated you can use
  set::ssl::renegotiate-bytes <bytes> and set::ssl::renegotiate-timeout <seconds>.
- UHNAMES support: This sends the full nick!ident@host in NAMES which can be
  used by clients for their IAL. mIRC, Klient, etc support this.
- There have also been some behavior changes, which can be considered NEW, see
  next section (CHANGED).

==[ CHANGED ]==
- IPv6: On IPv6 servers you no longer have to use ::ffff: IP's for IPv4 in the
  config file, you can use the simple form, as they are converted automatically.
- When someone is banned and /PARTs, the part reason (comment) is no longer shown
- ChanMode +S/+c: now strips/blocks 'reverse' as well
- Smart banning is now disabled by default because it was too annoying, this means that
  f.e. if there's a ban on *!*@*.com then you can still add a ban on *!*@*.aol.com
- except ban { } now also protects against ZLINEs and ban ip { }
- Modules: user modes and channel modes without parameters (eg: +X) no longer have
  to be PERManent, this means they can be upgraded/reloaded/unloaded on-the-fly.

- Zip links issue (Overflowed unzipbuf)
- Crash issue with 3rd party modules that introduce new channel modes w/parameters
- Mac OS X: Various issues which prevented the IRCd from booting up
- Remote includes (constant) crash with new curl/c-ares versions
- A few rare crash issues, including a crash when linking to another server
- In case of clock adjustments, the IRCd will no longer freeze when the time is
  adjusted backwards, nor will it incorrectly throttle clients when adjusted forward.
  However, because clock adjustments (time shifts) of more than xx seconds are 
  so dangerous (and will still cause a number of issues), big warnings are now
  printed when they happen.
  Morale: synchronize your system clock, or use the built-in timesync feature.

- CGI:IRC: Several IPv6 issues, both on IPv6 IRCd's and CGI:IRC gateways
- IP masks in oper::from::userhost sometimes didn't match when they should
- (G)ZLINE's on IPv6 users were sometimes rejected
- CHROOTDIR works again
- OperOverride fixes
- Throttling is now more accurate
- And more... see Changelog

- Regexes: Be careful with backreferences (\1, etc), certain regexes can slow the IRCd
  down considerably and even bring it to a near-halt. In the spamfilter user target it's
  usually safe though. Slow spamfilter detection can help prevent the slowdown/freeze,
  but might not work in worst-case scenario's.
- Regexes: Possessive quantifiers such as, for example, "++" (not to be confused with "+")
  are not safe to use, they can easily freeze the IRCd.
- Suse 10.3 in 64 bit mode (amd64, x64) is known to crash UnrealIRCd on-boot, this is
  likely to be a Suse 10.3 bug as over 3 people reported it with that exact OS / arch.

- Fix aquanight's email
- #0003351 reported by Mareo regarding m_addmotd.so and m_svslusers.so 
  not being created
- Fixed bug in SJOIN, possibly causing things like odd bans showing up in
  some circumstances. Reported by Hurga, patch provided by fbi.
- Now allowing '' ips again in IPv6 mode as well (instead of enforcing
  '::ffff:' ips in the conf, they are now auto-converted to that).
  Based on patch from tabrisnet.
- Fixed issue where the cgiirc block did not work with IPv6, reported by
  djGrrr, fixed by previous change.
- Fixed CHROOTDIR, which was broken in 3.2.7: IRC_USER/IRC_GROUP did not work
  properly when CHROOTDIR was in use (#0003454).
- Fixed oper block bug where ip masks in oper::from::userhost did not always
  work succesfully (ex: 192.168.* worked, but 192.168.*.* didn't). Issue was
  introduced in 3.2.7, reported by tabrisnet (#0003494).
- CGI:IRC + IPv6: Fixed cgiirc block hostname never matching ipv4 cgiirc
  gateway properly (..again..), this was previously reported by pv2b.
- CGI:IRC + IPv6: Fixed issue where all cgiirc ipv4 clients were rejected with
  the message 'Invalid IP address', reported by stskeeps (#0003311), nate
  (#0003533) and others.
- Document CHROOTDIR in unreal32docs, reported by Beastie (#0002446).
- Fixed Mac OS X issue where "access denied" errors were encountered when 
  trying to read unrealircd.conf. All due to strange chmod() behavior. We now no
  longer try to set permissions on Mac OS X. Patch provided by Tibby (#3489).
- Hopefully fixed 'Overflowed unzipbuf increase UNZIP_BUFFER_SIZE' issue,
  reported by Monk (#0003453). It should be large enough now. Also changed the
  way we deal with this when it happens (if it ever happens again..): we now
  close the server connection, instead of trying to continue, because continueing
  is too dangerous.
- Remove part reason when user is banned, suggested by vonitsanet (#0003354).
- Fixed set::modes-on-join: could crash or disfunction with certain
  parameter mode combinations.
- Minor source cleanup in src/modules/m_map.c, suggested by fez (#0003540).
- Usermode modules now no longer have to be permanent (#3174), this was
  simply a bug that was introduced when adding remote includes support years
- Channelmode modules without parameters (like: +X, but not: +X 1) no longer
  have to be permanent. Channelmodes with parameters still have to be PERM
  however, and there are currently no plans to change it.
- Fixed bug (in all Unreal versions) with parameter channelmodes, any 3rd
  party module which adds an extra parameter chanmode could cause crashes.
- Added set::level-on-join: which level should the user get when (s)he's is
  the first to enter a channel. Currently only 'none' and 'op' are supported.
- unreal32docs.html: doubt it will help much but at least this makes it a
  little bit more clear (#3548), chatops vs globops.
- ChanMode +S/+c: reverse is now stripped/blocked as well, because it's
  similar to color, and is just as annoying (..if not worse).
- So called 'smart' banning is now disabled by default, this means you can
  now set a ban on *!*@*h.com and then later add one on *!*@*blah.com without
  any trouble. Previously the second one was rejected due to the former
  already matching it. To change it back edit the include/config.h setting
- Fixed (G)ZLINE check.. it was incorrectly rejecting many IPv6 bans.
  Reported by guigui (#0003572).
- Backport from 3.3 away notification from Oct 2006, this is v0, a further
  patch will follow soon and the numerics will be changed.
- Ok, finished away notification in WATCH. It now shows the away reasons too.
  This new feature (away notify) is announced in 005 (ISUPPORT) as: WATCHOPTS=A

  Format is: WATCH A +UserOne +UserTwo
  New numerics to cope with away notification in WATCH are:
  RPL_NOWISAWAY: to indicate the user is away _when adding_ it to WATCH list
  RPL_GONEAWAY:  user was not away, but is now
  RPL_NOTAWAY:   user was away, but is no longer away
  RPL_NOWISAWAY: user was away, and still is, but the reason changed

  WATCH A +Target
  Request to add user 'Target' to the watch list with away notification

  :maintest.test.net 609 MySelf Target ~blih test.testnet 1204309588 :not here atm
  Reply to watch add: user is online and away, reason is provided

  :maintest.test.net 599 MySelf Target ~blih test.testnet 1204309588 :is no longer away
  User is back (no longer away)

  :maintest.test.net 598 MySelf Target ~blih test.testnet 1204309722 :lunch
  State change: user is now away, reason is provided

  :maintest.test.net 597 MySelf Target ~blih test.testnet 1204309738 :shopping, bbl
  User is still away, but reason changed.

  The syntax for each numeric is:
  <nickname> <username> <hostname> <awaysince> :<away reason>
  In case of 599 (RPL_NOTAWAY) it is:
  <nickname> <username> <hostname> <awaysince> :is no longer away

  For the record, this is all based on a draft from codemastr from 2004, which was
  implemented in Unreal3.3 (devel branch) in 2006. Today, in 2008 it was updated
  with away reason support and backported to Unreal3.2. Because away notification
  hasn't been used until now (due to it only being in Unreal3.3) we felt it was
  safe to break some numerics.
- Upgraded c-ares to 1.5.1, thanks to aegis for the partial patch (#0003671).
  This also fixed a curl compile/run issue, reported by static-x (#0003545).
- Added slow spamfilter detection. For each spamfilter, Unreal will check,
  each time it executes, how LONG it takes to execute. When a certain threshold
  is reached the IRCd will warn or even remove the spamfilter. This will prevent
  a spamfilter (regex) from slowing down the IRCd too much, though it's still not
  a guarantee that it will never go to a halt (eg: in case it takes several
  minutes to execute a regex or loops forever).
  Warning can be configured via set::spamfilter::slowdetect-warn (default:
  250 milliseconds) and automatic deletion of spamfilters if it takes too
  long is set through set::spamfilter::slowdetect-fatal (default: 500 ms).
  NOTE: slow spamfilter detection is currently not available on Windows.
  NOTE 2: to disable slow detection you can set the warn and fatal settings
  to 0 (zero). OR to really disable all code, remove SPAMFILTER_DETECTSLOW
  from include/config.h and recompile.
- Added another Mac OS X hack, such as one that should help against
  'error setting max fd's to 9223372036854775807' which prevents the ircd
  from booting up. Reported by btcentral and Bock. This hack might not be
  totally correct though ;).
- Limit watch status requests to one per time, more will often flood you off
  and is stupid/useless. Reported by ash11.
- The OS version output is now taken from uname() at runtime instead of
  'uname -a' at compile time. This fixes bug #1438 and #3320 reported by
  Mouse and Monk, where because of previous behavior the IRCd sometimes would
  not compile in certain environments.
- configure script is now generated by autoconf 2.61 (was: 2.59), hopefully
  that won't cause any issues, perhaps it even helps to fix some bugs...
- #0001740 reported by Trocotronic, making the IRCd send ERROR : to all
  links with possible reason for RESTART; like /die does it. [Backport, sts]
- Added set::ssl::server-cipher-list, #002368 requested by Beastie
  [Backport, sts]
- Added set::ssl::renegotiate-bytes, set::ssl:renegotiate-timeout, #0002971
  suggested by tabrisnet. Gets activated when >0. Please set sane values.
  [Backport, sts]
- #0002475 reported by aquanight on detecting \'s in module filenames on
  win32 and not do ./module for it [Backport]
- #0002172 reported by Stealth, patched by WolfSage, fixing if you have an
  admin block, and forget a semicolon on a line, Unreal will proceed to use
  the block with no error, but the information will be incorrect/incomplete.
  [Backport, WolfSage]
- #0002833 reported and patched by tabrisnet, implementing UHNAMES
  [Backport, only slightly modified for speed]
- #0001924 - requested by syzop: Added ./unreal gencloak, which generates
  random keys 10 ~ 20 characters in length (*NIX only). [Backport, aquanight]
- #0003313 reported by Stealth, regarding not erroring/warning when me::name
  is bigger than HOSTLEN, from now it will error on config read. [Backport, sts]
- /REHASH -all not case sensitive
- Win32 makefile: removed /MAPINFO:LINES, since visual studio 2005 and up
  don't support this and will fail to compile UnrealIRCd. This fixes #3680,
  reported by therock247uk.
- Upgraded c-ares to 1.6.0 (also now using pkg-config).
  If you get a "undefined reference to `clock_gettime'" error, then you
  might consider installing 'pkg-config' on your system, and then simply re-run
  ./Config and make, should fix things.
  TODO: testing! testing! i'd like to be sure this c-ares is stable!
- Win32 compile fixes.
- Upgraded c-ares on windows to 1.6.0 as well.
- Win32: build w/manifest. Looks like Unreal@Win32 now actually works again :).
- except ban { } is now also effective against Z:lines. It already protected
  when the user was connected, but not once he/she tried to reconnect, this
  is now fixed. Reported several times, last by Stealth in #0003377.
- Fix crash if settime/expirytime is out of range in TKL, set by another server.
  Should never happen except when using faulty services or when something else
  got horrible wrong (like a date which is 40 years ahead). Reported by
  Darth Android (#0003738).
- Fix NAMES with UHNAMES support, screwed it up at 'Win32 compile fixes' a
  few lines up...
- Fix OOB read caused by UHNAMES support.
- Added some countermeasures against crash-on-boot, #0003725 and #0003653,
  reported by Ablom2008 and mist26.
- Win32: rebuild TRE for Vstudio 2008 (and ditch C++ / MSVCP... dependency).
- Added release notes (not finished yet).
- Added set::watch-away-notification which can be set to 'no' to disable
  WATCH away notification. The default is 'yes' (=enabled).
- Fixed crash which could happen when rehashing while linking to a server,
  this could be #0003689 reported by Monk.
- New HOOKTYPE_LOCAL_NICKPASS: the 2 parameters are: sptr (client) and nsptr
  (NickServ client, NULL if not present). You can return 1 (HOOK_DENY) to
  make the IRCd not send IDENTIFY to NickServ. Suggested by tabrisnet
- A notice is now sent when listing spamfilters through /SPAMFILTER just
  like /stats f. Bug #0003752 reported by Strawberry_Kittens, similar to
** 3.2.8-rc1 release **
- Added documentation for set::spamfilter::slowdetect-warn,
  set::spamfilter::slowdetect-fatal, set::ssl::server-cipher-list,
  set::ssl::renegotiate-bytes, set::ssl::renegotiate-timeout,
  set::watch-away-notification and ./unreal gencloak. Reported by Bock
- set::ssl::renegotiate-bytes: fix when specifying a value such as 10m.
- './unreal gencloak' now actually works
- Fix typo in user mode q notice, reported by Strawberry_Kittens and others
  (#0003761). Patch provided by Stealth.
- Fix for Mac OS X compile problem (in setpgrp), reported by Bock / Jckf
- Possible fix for MAC OS X compile problem
- Bump docdate..
- Fixed OperOverride bug: if you are halfop you couldn't -q/-a, reported
  by Strawberry_Kittens (#0003758).
- Added note to release notes regarding Suse 10.3 on amd64 causing a crash
  on-boot. #0003725, #0003653, #0003791.
- Updated regex documentation in unreal32docs, it had some incorrect
  statements regarding wildcards. Reported by james2vegas (#0003800).
- Added some big warnings regarding big timeshifts. 
  In the IRCd world correct time is very important. This means that time
  should be correct when the IRCd is booted, either by running ntpd/ntpdate
  on the system or some other synchronization software, or by using the
  built-in timesync feature.
  Whenever the clock is adjusted for more than a few seconds AFTER the IRCd
  has booted, it can lead to dangerous effects ranging from unfair timestamps
  for nicks and channels (and hence the possibility to takeover channels),
  to even completely stalling the IRCd (negative timeshift) or making it so
  nobody can connect anymore due to throttling (positive timeshift).
  We now try to 'fix' the worst effects such as the IRCd freeze and
  throttling. This does not fix the whole problem, so I've added some big
  warnings when the clock is adjusted, including an annoying one every 5
  minutes if the clock was set backwards, until the time is OK again
  (catches up with the original time).
  This fixes #0003230 reported by Stealth, and #0002521 reported by durrie.
- Throttling time is now more accurate, especially with larger time values
  such as 3 connections per 60 seconds. Previously that -could- result in
  3 per 90 seconds due to timer inaccuracy (which was max <time>*1.5), now
  it would be max 65 seconds (max 5s inaccuracy, lower with lower times).
- Smallll fix for time shift protection
** 3.2.8-rc2 release **

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Re: Unreal3.2.8-rc2 released for testing

Post by toodaloo » Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:27 pm

I think that it's really cool of you to provide free downloads of upcoming beta releases. If you are doing any current beta testing, I would be more than happy to participate. I do enjoy taking part in the development process and doing my part to ensure their quality. Thank you.

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