How to... compile module in windows

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How to... compile module in windows

Post by dingir26 »

Please, i use windows version, and i need compile joindeop.c but i don't know. Only information that i find, is about linux and the "make custommodule" commands.

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Re: How to... compile module in windows

Post by Stealth »

You can download this module already compile from the link in my signature.

If you wish to compile it yourself, follow the instructions in doc/compiling_win32.txt
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Re: How to... compile module in windows

Post by Lion-O »

hi there
im trying to follow doc/compiling_win32.txt.
and it says there
First of all you need Microsoft Visual C++ (see below),
now, i have Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 but im not sure thats exactly qualifies.
if it doesn't: is there any way for me to not download new version of Microsoft Visual C++?
if it does: later on the instruction it says:
1. Start the Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt
but i don't see where i have that

answers will be received gladly :roll:
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