Main website: PHP coder wanted

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Main website: PHP coder wanted

Post by Syzop »

Quite some time ago we chose a design for the new UnrealIRCd website.
Unfortunately, once the winner was announced, the original developer was unavailable to actually work on it.
While this was a setback, we found someone else to do the job (using the same design), but after a few months he went AWOL.

So: we are searching for a PHP coder to make the new UnrealIRCd main website, using the already chosen design.
The exact color scheme may still be tweaked, but this is the design we want to use.

Technical requirements
  • Has to be coded in PHP, and use MySQL as a backend
  • Use templates, where f.e. the nav can be edited in one file.
  • The site should pass (X)HTML/CSS validation tests and work properly on all major browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, ..)
  • Pages will consist of: news, about, staff, downloads, documentation & support (has 4 subcategories), development information (has 2 subcategories), modules (external link), links, donations, and faq.
    The 'modules' section is a simple link to
  • The 'dynamic' content, which is stored in an SQL db, is rather limited and should consists of:
    • News - add/edit/remove news. no more integration between the forums & news posts like it is now.
    • Donations - add/edit/remove donator
    • Links - add/edit/remove link
    • Faq - add/edit/remove item
    • Downloads - add/edit/remove a download, and keep statistics (a counter for each download)
    That's all, all the rest of the pages are rather static.
  • The website should be able to function in a read-only state. What we have now, and what we also want in the future is that everything is 'locked down': all files are read-only and all sql (except for file statistics) are read-only. Only after manually running a command on the box (you will not have to provide this) we 'unlock' it and can change stuff. This is all due to an hack incident we had in 2010. Basically, the site should not have to write temporary files or require (temporary) SQL writes just for serving existing content.
  • The site must be coded securely. This is very important for us. Don't count on the locking/unlocking from above, the site also has to be fully secure without it. Also, don't forget about XSS. We will require some proof that you know how to code a site securely, as unfortunately the majority of the PHP coders out there lack the skills to do so.
Legal requirements
The website should be released to us in a license form that allows us to fully edit/alter and distribute it. Graphics have be freely available without restrictions.
It will be hosted on our own machines and when finished should not require regular maintenance.

What's in it for you?
First of all, the appreciation from us and the rest of the userbase for your contribution to the UnrealIRCd project :)
Second, you can add your name (and/or company) in the footer on all the pages of the main site.
The footer line will be something like: Design by ...., Site coded made by ...., or something else all parties agree on.

How to apply
If you want to do this, have the required set of skills and sufficient time available, then send an e-mail to
Please tell something about yourself, show some links of your previous work, and let us know your experience in PHP, working with templates, secure coding, and anything else you want to let us know.
You should receive a reply within 48 hours to let you know we have received your message. If you didn't receive such a reply, let us know (on the forum, by PM, on IRC, ..)
The actual (final) selection of candidates may take a couple of weeks.