Auto channel make when server started

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Auto channel make when server started

Post by light-angel »

is their a way to make 2 channels when the server is started





and for the #chat-private to have it set to have a password so i don't have to keep doing it every time i start the server up i have seen it in another IRCd server

this is how they have got it don't know if this can be done with unreal

# Pre-defined channels can be configured in [Channel] sections.
# Such channels are created by the server when starting up and even
# persist when there are no more members left.
# Persistent channels are marked with the mode 'P', which can be set
# and unset by IRC operators like other modes on the fly.
# There may be more than one [Channel] block, one for each channel.
# Name of the channel
;Name = #TheName
# Topic for this channel
;Topic = a great topic
# Initial channel modes
;Modes = tnk
# initial channel password (mode k)
;Key = Secret
# maximum users per channel (mode l)
;MaxUsers = 23
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Re: Auto channel make when server started

Post by cards »

Unreal does not support this. It destroys the channel when the last user leaves. You could however use services such as anope to do this. Simply register the channels with services, then park a bot in the channel.
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Re: Auto channel make when server started

Post by katsklaw »

Unreal doesn't have persistent channels. However, it has been requested as a feature in future versions.
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Re: Auto channel make when server started

Post by MightyWings »

I'm not sure if its still in Unreal3.2.10, but there is the official channels block, which will make sure a channel and its topic are "sticky". ... alchannels
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