Help - Dns Round Robin

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Help - Dns Round Robin

Post by bernard »

Hello friend,

Could you help me in this my doubt:

Good must create a Dns Round Robin - bind to the domain: to fall into two different ips .. Could you help me?

I have searched countless sites over no answer, if you help me I will be very grateful!

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Re: Help - Dns Round Robin

Post by katsklaw »

IRC Round Robins are simple. Just make multiple A Record entries for the host 'irc' or whatever you wish to name your round robin.

How to add the records varies from one host to another, some have webUI's like godaddy others allow direct access to the zone file(s). If you do not know how to add entries to your zone, contact your dns host. If you host your own dns, google for 'how to add dns entries in xxxxxxxxxx' where xxxxxxxxxxx is whatever method you chose.

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