Room Mods excluded

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Room Mods excluded

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I have looked and looked so I am not sure if this is possible or I have missed it some where..

Is their a exemption function for room moderators, I know IRC ops are excluded but what's about the regular moderator's so they would not get hit but spamfilters set and if so how would you exclude them. Thanks
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Re: Room Mods excluded

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Simply put: No.
This is because chanops do not require an o:line and are only there to keep the peace in a channel.
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Re: Room Mods excluded

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A longer explanation as to why this is a "No", is because anyone can be a ChanOp which would defeat the purpose of the spam filter or at least greatly reduce it's effectiveness. Adding a ChanOp exemption will add additional resource drain for very little gain.

My advice is to be very careful as to how you write your spamfilters. IE, not every irc:// or http:// link is spam.
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