Sleepy thoughts about Unreal.

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Sleepy thoughts about Unreal.

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Random, I know. I was just wondering to myself "I wonder what Unreal is up to."
To be completely honest, I haven't followed Unreal for many years, so I read a lot in the news and some of the stuff in off topic.
I think I have a good idea what the current status of Unreal is (mostly bug fixes and modularizing user modes and such.)

It's too bad to see the main coder I recognized for Unreal go. However, I think there were some good decisions made, too.
Even with the decline of IRC and forums over the years because of social media, I still have a soft spot for IRC's protocol. I think the major issue is that IRC was the wheel, the horse that drove instant messaging and communication for groups of people with similar ideas and interests, and now we have hybrid cars that can fit the needs of all that and more. It doesn't mean IRC is -bad-, but it's certainly lacking modern features, but that would come from the UI. Sure, all clients do what IRC was originally intended for, and I'm sure DCC is still used quite a bit. However, there's an underlying issue, it's not all interconnected. You have to go to a popular server, join a channel, and try and make friends through chat. You can't put yourself out there, have a profile for people to see, or leave "status" updates, and that is the main focus of people's use of the internet today. You can say something in a chatroom, and you may or may not have someone take interest in what you're saying, so then you try to find another channel, maybe another server all together. Sites like FB and Twitter take the server and channel hopping out of the equation. They make users the "channel."

So, if I had anything I could possibly give back to the protocol I used all throughout my teenage years—where I learned linux, web coding/databases(mysql, mssql, PHP, etc), programming, about GNU and open source software, and where I had a network admin from an ISP laugh at me for making mistakes learning how to repair PCs, all of which I can do now blindfolded, I would say that a new client needs to be made before the protocol can improve. mIRC is great, XChat was good, too, for text communication. The client needs to become more centralized on the user's needs, make suggestions, offer groups, friendships, and media relative to it's users. No more trying and hopping around servers, bring the servers with the varied interests to the user.

Anyway, off to sleep for 2 hours and then back to the adult world. lol