ipv6 + ssl

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ipv6 + ssl

Post by DJFrog »


I've installed an configurated unrealircd version with SSL and IPV6 enabled.
Inside my configuration i've got the current allow block:

allow {
ip "*@*";
hostname "*@*";
class clients;
maxperip 15;
ipv6-clone-mask 128;

On the other hand i've added the following listen block:

listen [2a02:1b8:10::XX:XX]:55200

Once i've launced the ircd with ./unreal start no error occour, altho with netstat i have also the listener online:
- tcp6 0 0 2a02:1b8:10::XX::55200 :::* LISTEN 26269/ircd

I'm able to do an connection attempt to the ipv6 address with an ipv6 client, i see the connection attempt on irc:

[11:43:13] -irc.test.net- *** Looking up your hostname...
[11:43:13] -irc.test.net- *** Checking ident...
[11:43:13] -irc.test.net- *** Found your hostname
[11:43:13] -irc.test.net- *** Received identd response

Then it seems to hang and closes the connection, nothing of the attempt is saved to the ircd.log and it just timeout with:
- Closing Link: [2001:610:600:XX:XX:XX] (Ping timeout: 39 seconds)

Anyone got an clue what i'm been missing??

Thx and greets,

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Re: ipv6 + ssl

Post by Syzop »

I've no idea.. haven't heard this issue before and I know quite some networks use IPv6, including our own.
Does it work without SSL? (non-SSL IPv6 port).

You could also try 3.4-beta, if you dare. Chances are high it works on that version. But.. it should work fine on 3.2.x as well (for many).
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