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Documentation & FAQ (Read this first!)

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Documentation Frequently Asked Questions
Don't forget to check our excellent Frequently Asked Questions!
Among other things the FAQ contains details on the following problems:
  • 8.1 Where do I get a list of commands, user modes, channel modes, etc.
  • 8.2 Where's channel mode +j (jointhrottle)?
  • 8.3 Where did user mode ... go in UnrealIRCd 4?
  • 8.4 This command is no longer working in UnrealIRCd 4
  • 8.5 Helpop doesn't work
  • 8.6 I can't kick people, join invite only channels, etc even though I am IRCOp!!
  • 8.7 I have k/g-lined myself!!
  • 8.8 How to prevent myself from getting banned
  • 8.9 How to become IRCOp / administrator
  • 8.10 How to broadcast a message to all users
  • 8.11 I am IRCOp but /LIST still hides certain channels
  • 8.12 Warning! Possible desynch: SJOIN for channel .. has a fishy timestamp (XX)
  • 8.13 I (suddenly) got clients quiting with Max SendQ exceeded!
  • 8.14 hostnames are not resolving
  • 8.15 How to combat spam, advertising, worms, virusses, drones
  • 8.16 Exiting ssl client [..] Internal OpenSSL error or protocol error
  • 8.17 How do I get an oper/admin/.. host after I oper up
  • 8.18 How do I get a title in /WHOIS
  • 8.19 I changed my oper block but the changes are not effective
  • 8.20 WARNING: (g)zlines should be placed on user@IPMASK not user@hostmask
  • 8.21 I want to disable host cloaking (hosts like:
  • 8.22 IPv6 on *BSD: compiled with IPv6 but can't get it to listen at IPv4 addresses
  • 8.23 Why is UnrealIRCd responding slowly (laggy). It's only processing 1 line per second??
And many more.. check the FAQ