ZNC Bouncer

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ZNC Bouncer

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Hi all,

So I have been using unrealIRCd on my centos server for some time but my friends and I wanted to use a bouncer so that we didn't miss messages when any of us are not logged on.

So we are now logged on to the ZNC Bouncer system but I'm a little confused - when a user logs off, they still appear in the available user list even though they're no longer connected.
Is this by design? Surely this causes confusion to the users who are logged on or log in when no one else is there but think that they are.

It doesn't matter which client you use either - all have the same effect.

I hope this makes sense.

I look forward to your wisdom!
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Re: ZNC Bouncer

Post by Syzop »

Yes, this is how bouncers work. They stay online even if the "real user" disconnects. That way the bouncer still receives all messages so they can be played back to the user when he/she returns.
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