Blacklist Test

If you have trouble on your server with spam, drones/zombies/bots or proxies

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Blacklist Test

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I setup the blacklist block. I don't see any server notices about it actually doing anything. Is there a way to see that or to test that it is working correctly?
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Re: Blacklist Test

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Hmm.. I can't think of a (serious) way to really test it.

I wouldn't suggest inviting trouble makers for testing purposes :D
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Re: Blacklist Test

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we rent a new dedicated server (in soyoustart) since january, and his IP is in the list of blocked for sending e-mails by two Dnsbl. They do not allow to send messages to our customers and interfere with our work for our business.

Of course our server never sent SPAM (and it is not SMTP relay too)

But our SMTP server is blocked since January by ( (

We can not send emails to some customers.
We contacted this 2 DNSBL by email

We have do delist request but we received only Answers copy-paste without delving into the essence of the problem at all
Many times we sent a request to the site to unlock, there is no result

Here it is : ... 0.137.html

What can we do to delist us if email do not work