networkname mismatch linking servers

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networkname mismatch linking servers

Post by TaTHaR »

Unreal 4.0.4
Anope 2.0.3


I am testing with Unreal 4 to set up a new chatserver. I now have esthablished a link with another server but only 1 error I guess.

(sync) Network name mismatch from link ( != funchat-place)

does some one know what can be worng?

Best Regards, Herman.
Best Regards, Herman.
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Re: networkname mismatch linking servers

Post by tgzero »

I know it's been some time... wrote:set::network-name
Syntax: set::network-name <name-of-network>

Specifies the name of the network on which this server is run. This value should be exactly the same on all servers on a network.
The error is kinda self explanatory. The network name on all servers should match.