linking server and ram usage

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linking server and ram usage

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Hello all!

It will seem I will wake this board up! 6 years without a post, hope somewon can help!

I have my main IRC server on a small vps (where anope services run) , recently I put another irc server one on a bigger machine I use to host game servers, (ubuntu 14) with 32 gb of ram. and I linked these servers together. Iam running not the newest version, but the latest one before that. 3.2.9 i think.

It seems now after I did this I see my ram usage increasing about 1-1.5 gb of ram daily, and it keeps increasing day by day and eventually it will max out, thus I have to reboot the server when it gets near to maxing out. Before that, the server was only using about 10-12 gbs total of ram as I dont have it filled with game servers. But maybe it is one of my game servers iam running on there, but Id swear this just started after I put a irc linking server on it. So what does everyone think? We must keep IRC alive! thanks! Also, I see a newer version of out, the reason I dont upgrade is I spent countless number of hours trying to upgrade my anope irc services to the new version and have been unsuccessful at upgrading my databases, so Iam at the point where I gave up (because the current setup is working for me so I will keep it).

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Re: linking server and ram usage

Post by Syzop »

Old post, but still.. I'm unaware of any such major memory leak in 3.2.x or 4.x. Also, you can see with 'top' or 'ps auxw' which process is eating memory, no need to guess :)

In any case, welcome back :D
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