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Gottem's modules

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Sooooo since I have quite a bit of modules now, it might be useful to have a central index of it all (newest at the top). =] This post is just for the one-liner descriptions, for more in-depth info you should refer to the git repo. I will also keep making threads per module for discussion. ;]

IMPORTANT: These modules are for "old" UnrealIRCd 4, so you may want to read the other forum topic Gottem's modules for Unreal 5 instead.

If you still need the U4 versions, you can browse through the repository from here

I also started doing paid modules; since this list is less extensive imma put it first:
  • m_geoip: Deny connections based on IP location data
  • m_ldapauth: Restrict IRC connections to those with proper LDAP authentication
Modules that have PORTED behind their name tell you that I've ported them. If it says UNC (uncommon) or has no tag at all, that means I wrote it from scratch. There will be others but they should be self-explanatory. =]
If you like my modules, pls consider donating (through PayPal) or use the custom job fee option in my shop if you want to donate with credit card or iDEAL ;];]