[REQUEST] Kick opers from opers only chnnels on de-oper (/mode nick -o)

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[REQUEST] Kick opers from opers only chnnels on de-oper (/mode nick -o)

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Right now, when a oper do de-oper himself, their nickname is kept on the opers only channels as if they're using their network status (they're also able to read and send messages to those channels, despite they don't have their "powers" anymore).
I, personally, think that's kinda counter-intuitive, since sometimes a user do /mode nick -o to mark themselves as away or not available for help, and if they demote themselves from the network status that they have, they shouldn't be allowed to be on those channels.
So, I came across the idea of having a module that would "kick" those persons out of the oper only channels (could be channels specified on the conf file or the module could check for chmode +O and if those nicks were present, the module would act).
Looking forward for opinions.
Best regards.
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