[DONE] [PAID] Restrict IRC connections to those with proper LDAP authentication

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[DONE] [PAID] Restrict IRC connections to those with proper LDAP authentication

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Restrict access to your IRC network based on the user's LDAP authentication status. This is not a pseudo-ChanServ thing in that it doesn't register nicks nor hand out channel modes, you still need Nick/ChanServ for that. ;]
  • Compatible with Microsoft Active Directory (tested against Server 2012 R2)
  • Compatible with OpenLDAP (tested against openldap-2.4.40)
  • Besides successful LDAP auth, require membership of a certain group too
  • Should be compatible with about any LDAP v2/v3 based servers (afaik Windows 2008 R2 is already on v3 ;])
  • Supports explicit TLS (STARTTLS, upgrades an existing plaintext connection to TLS-secured)
  • Supports implicit TLS (secured from the start)
  • Supports self-signed Certificate Authorities (like Windows's) by specifying what CA cert file/bundle to explicitly trust
  • Doesn't allow SSLv3 ciphers (so only TLS v1.0 and up)
  • Many configurables to suit your needs
Price and other purchasing information can be found here.
If you like my modules, pls consider donating (through PayPal) or use the custom job fee option in my shop if you want to donate with credit card or iDEAL ;];]
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