[DONE] PART from oper-only channels on oper down

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[DONE] PART from oper-only channels on oper down

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Originally proposed by PeGaSuS, this module makes IRC opers part +O channels once they oper down. I've kept the "ghosts" thing for lack of a better term. =]

Config block:

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noghosts {
	message "g h o s t b u s t e r s";
	flags "O";
	channels {
		"#opers"; // Don't forget the "" to make sure Unreal doesn't interpret it as a comment ;]
All configurables are optional; the default message is simply Opered down and if no channels are specified it'll check all +O ones the opered-down oper is in. I may extend flags to contain more flags at some point, which would also affect the message (prolly). =]

Get it here
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