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Post by Mike05 »

I want to have Irc chat Room with Wordpress and mibit widget.

Please direct me to the VPS hosting company who does provide with software installation and configuration.

I - Need VPS with Linux installed 2- Unrealircd installed configured 3- WordPress ceo installed configured with mibit chat widget.
4- Domain name and hosting..

Please help. I am totally new to this..

Please Please help.
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Post by Stealth »

Is there a need to have your own server? Why not use one of the many small networks that already exist?

There are hundreds of networks out there that will let you have your own channel and use Mibbit for your users and would be 100% free, and already managed by experienced operators. All you would need to worry about is getting your own wordpress (also free from, and adding the Mibbit widget (again, free) to it.

UnrealIRCd isn't for people who are "totally new" to this. There is a lot that goes into running an IRC server, and a lot of security risk if you just pay anyone who comes along to set it up for you.

Have you considered someone might take your money and not provide what you're asking for? Someone might set something up, take your money, then remove your content to get a free VPS server? Someone might give you what you want, but run other servers on the same server (ones that may not be legitimate)? There are MANY people out there that would like to have a VPS on someone eles's dime and we strongly recommend setting things up yourself if you're that interested in running your own server.

There are lots of step-by-step instructions out there that will help you get the basics running in little time, something you could even do on your own computer before paying any money to see if it's right for you.