Windows vs Linux - Need Help and Advice

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Windows vs Linux - Need Help and Advice

Post by crazycatlady »

I have my irc up right now, but need to move it from the server it is on and I do NOT have access to root or logs....

So, I am going to start back from scratch and am curious as to which is preferred... the linux or the windows version....

I am far more skilled with windows stuff, but managed to set up a streaming radio from scratch so i know i CAN do the linux set up....

does the windows version do everything the linux one does? how do i link servers?

honestly i would like to just pay someone to help me do the initial set up....

can someone assist me? i am leaning towards the windows one since i am most familiar with that and i think adding irc ops etc might be easier for me on that.....

i would like to get this up and running in the next 10 days or so....
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Re: Need Help and Advice

Post by Syzop »

The choice is up to you, really. The windows version has the same features as the *NIX version. The configuration file(s) will be the same on both OS's too, so no difference there.

Things in favor of Linux:
* People who use the Windows version usually start there and later move on to Linux once their network becomes bigger. One of the main reasons for doing so is because people usually say Linux is more stable than Windows - personally I'm not sure if that is still true in 2018. What I do agree with is that, if you want to keep your server up to date with security updates, then Windows can be quite annoying.. as you probably know Windows likes to reboot quite often for updates.
* Linux shells may be cheaper than a Windows server

Things in favor of Windows:
* If you are (much) better with Windows then that will mean if something goes wrong you will be (much) better and faster at fixing a problem, so maybe for you the Windows version is best?

As said, UnrealIRCd behaves 99% the same on both, so that is not really the difference.

To be fair, some downsides / differences:
* If you want to install 3rd party modules (modules from other people, such as Gottem) then on Linux you can just 'compile' them, while on Windows you need the modules to be compiled by that person for your exact UnrealIRCd version (you get a .DLL file). Most module coders (including Gottem) do this, but not all.
* Some particular settings can only be tweaked by changing the source / header files.
For (by far) most people out there, these are not a problem.

EDIT: You also asked about linking servers. There's no difference between linking Linux/Windows and you can link a Linux to a Windows server.
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Re: Windows vs Linux - Need Help and Advice

Post by CrazyCat »

I'll just add two points:
- you don't need to have a root access to install unrealircd if the prerequisites are present.
- a linux server often needs less capacities (HD, RAM, ...) than a windows one if you install just the essential parts (no x-org or any visual things)