Most popular UnrealIRCd modules in 2019

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Most popular UnrealIRCd modules in 2019

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Thanks to the project we have a list of which 3rd party modules are most used on UnrealIRCd.

The following top-10 is based on the internet scan from Dec 30 2018, filtered on UnrealIRCd 4.x (1214 servers):
  1. m_netadmins: Implements kill and *:Line protection for privileged opers
  2. m_listrestrict: Impose certain restrictions on /LIST usage
  3. m_block_masshighlight: Prevent mass highlights network-wide
  4. m_storetkl: Store TKL entries persistently across IRCd restarts
  5. m_joinmute: Adds +J chmode: Mute newly joined people for +J X seconds
  6. m_pmdelay: Disallow new clients trying to send private messages until exceeding a certain timeout
  7. m_chansno: Allows you to assign channels for specific server notifications (sort of like snomasks)
  8. m_auditorium: Channel mode +u to show channel events/messages to/from people with +o/+a/+q only
  9. m_operpasswd: Snomask for failed OPER attempts with the ability to kill
  10. m_anticaps: Block messages that contain a configurable amount of capital letters
If I'm not mistaken, all of these are from Gottem, so see Gottem's modules for more information.
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