How to use 3rd party modules (and a warning)

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How to use 3rd party modules (and a warning)

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What are 3rd party modules?
Third party modules allow non-UnrealIRCd staff to provide functionality in UnrealIRCd. This can range from user modes, channel modes to commands and more. Almost anything can be done via a module.

How to use them?
Instructions on how to install 3rd party modules are available here: FAQ: How to install 3rd party modules?
Your 3rd party module provider may also provide (more) documentation.

A word of caution...
While 3rd party modules can be a powerful tool, you should also realize that they can crash the IRC Server if they contain a coding mistake.
Currently more than 90% of the crashes reported to UnrealIRCd are crashes in 3rd party modules or due to source code modifications.

Be sure to check for updates of your modules from time to time, such as when upgrading UnrealIRCd. Bugs are fixed by module writers so updating modules should not be overlooked!

When you crash repeatedly and are using up to date versions of the modules, then consider (re)starting UnrealIRCd without all 3rd party modules. If you no longer crash then it was very likely a 3rd party module misbehaving.
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