Gottem's modules for Unreal 5

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Gottem's modules for Unreal 5

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There are a number of modules which are now included in UnrealIRCd 5 or are offered via other functionality. All other relevant modules have now been ported as well, these are available through Unreal's built-in module manager. =].

For now I don't provide an easy way for Windows admins to install modules, so keep that in mind and check back from time to time to see if something changed.

Keep in mind that for all modules the m_ prefix has been stripped to keep in line with the rest of Unreal. Also some used to refer to SSL while the term Unreal itself uses is TLS, so I've changed that too. An example would be the module m_blocknosslident which has become block_notlsident. Any commands/config directives/etc have also been renamed to reflect this.

For reporting issues with my modules, use my own repository's issue tracker instead of the one from unrealircd-contrib.

Here's a list of what is included in UnrealIRCd 5.0.0 (no need to install 3rd party modules for this anymore):
  • m_needauthjoin: possible via set::restrict-commands if you make "JOIN" a command for registered users only
  • m_nick_minlen: now configurable via set::min-nick-length
  • m_allowctcp_opers: this behavior is the default in UnrealIRCd 5
  • m_uniquemsg: in channel mode +f now in the 'r' subtype, eg: MODE #channel +f [1r]:15
  • m_storetkl: implemented in the 'tkldb' module which is loaded by default
  • m_websocket_restrict: not all but some of this is implemented by default in UnrealIRCd 5 (the listen block has a websocket type now)
  • m_listrestrict: most of this can now be done via set::restrict-commands, making LIST available only for people connected longer than XX seconds or registered users
  • m_pmdelay: this too can be done via set::restrict-commands
  • m_noinvite: we don't offer this as-is, but using set::restrict-commands is of great help against invite spambots
  • m_tklexcept: TKL exceptions are in UnrealIRCd 5 via the /ELINE command
  • m_rmtkl: now exists in UnrealIRCd 5 (/RMTKL)
  • m_forward: now exists in UnrealIRCd 5. Meaning of +L was changed and new extban +b ~f:#chan:mask was added.
  • floodprot: was originally a hack of the original, but the flags it added are now included in Unreal's +f mode anyways
Some of the modules mentioned above are still available as 3rd party mods, due to some functionality missing from core Unreal:
  • listrestrict: the restrict-commands feature doesn't implement honeypots/fake channel lists, so this module is still available with the same feature set as for U4 (if you're also using restrict-commands, listrestrict itself takes precedence)
  • websocket_restrict: restrict-commands doesn't implement restricting websocket users to certain channels, so this module is also available with the same features as before
  • noinvite: the functionality restrict-commands offers you might be enough, but if not then this module still allows to let users block invites manually
These modules have been renamed/repurposed:
  • m_forward: even though the forwarding functionality is now built-in, that still leaves the enhanced OperOverride stuff unaccounted for, so this is now implemented in a module called operoverride_ext
And finally, a list of modules that have been removed entirely:
  • m_git: Unreal 5's module manager does very similar stuff
  • m_securequery: even some Unreal 4 version already included this, so I've now decided to fully remove it
  • m_timedbans: ditto
  • m_netadmins: wasn't really that useful (bottom line: trust your opers)
  • m_confprot and m_md5fjert: with Unreal's dynamic config stuff (@if, @define, etc) it's pretty much impossible to get matching hashes on both sides (wasn't really that useful anyways, bottom line: trust your server admins)
  • m_tkl: was originally a hack of the original, but the most important part was banning ident@host instead of *@host when doing /gline <online_nick>, which has been available in core Unreal since some 4.x version ;]
If you like my modules, pls consider donating (through PayPal) or use the custom job fee option in my shop if you want to donate with credit card or iDEAL ;];]