Linking 7 servers private network

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Linking 7 servers private network

Post by ofr8601 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:50 pm


I am using unrealricd 4.2.2 and I am trying to link 7 servers in a private network. I have a link block for each server and would like them to connect in a specific hierarchy where all servers connect directly to a single primary server, and then I have a structure of fail over mechanisms where I want to force the servers to connect to others in a specific order. I have added server classes where I implemented different connection frequency so that the primary server is attempted say.. every 30 seconds, secondary servers every 60 seconds, and tertiary servers every 120 seconds.
My questions are:
1. when the servers are turned on, do they attempt to connect to all servers listed in the link blocks, and then follow the connection frequency stated in the server class?
2. is the first link block in the config file the first server that is attempted?
3. If there is a deny link block in place between two servers if the primary sever is connected, and those two servers connected to each other prior to realizing that the primary server is connected, will the deny link get triggered and squit the former connection allowing an opportunity to connect to the primary server?
4. I have been forcing the hierarchy by logging in as the oper and "squitting" servers not in the desired hierarchy until my hierarchy is accomplished; however, there are times that I get the following error:
Link [@ip] cancelled, server exists from
the link gets cancelled and my desired hierarchy is not in place anymore. How can I avoid this, if possible?

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