Failed to load SSL certificate

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Failed to load SSL certificate

Post by johndvn »

This is my 1st time installing Unrealircd server. I installed unrealircd 5.0.6 and got error "Failed to load SSL certificate conf/tls/server.cert.pem".
I see the server.key.pem in that directory but there is no server.cert.pem.
How to fix this?
I do not need tls because it will be used in a private network, can tls be disable in this version?
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Re: Failed to load SSL certificate

Post by Syzop »

It's strange to have only a key and not a cert. The only reason I can think of is if you CTRL+C'd (so aborted) half-way during the installation (./Config). Then you may end up with a situation like that.

You can run "make pem" to generate them again (and then "make install"). Yes, you need them, even if you don't need them (:D).
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