Authentication service?

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Authentication service?

Post by test77298 »

In the documentation for authentications:


Only SASL method is alowed? how to store users credentials in local server without install a email server? any documentation?

I try installing cyrus-sasl-plain package on CentOS 7 but no have not luck.

Any documentation or tutorial for install a basic authentication method? by example, a sql database, local files, etc?
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Re: Authentication service?

Post by Syzop »

The actual authentication of users (via SASL or otherwise) is done by services. When UnrealIRCd receives an authentication request it just hands it over to services, and services basically send a response back if it is OK / not OK.
As you can read in ... w_to_setup

So all accounts are managed in services. Services are explained in
You would have to install a services package, such as anope or atheme. Some of these services can also use external data sources like SQL or LDAP, but.. you would have to consult their documentation or ask in their support channels (it is not our product, so they will know better).
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Re: Authentication service?

Post by test77298 »

Thanks, this does not help or is not what I need, I will have to look for another software alternative. Thank you.
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Re: Authentication service?

Post by Lord255 »

anope supports DB like mysql.. eh. even has ldap support if i remember right.. idk. anyway. suresies. :D
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Re: Authentication service?

Post by Windigo »

Pretty sure what you're asking is simple and achievable.

You can setup a website with its own user database.
Then, you can setup IRC so that users can authenticate with Services (Anope for example) during connect to your server.
Then, you setup your Anope services to use the SQL database on your website.

This way, you have effectively made your webiste work its own user database and your IRC chat is limited only to those who have registered on your website. I know this was previously explained, but you didn't seem to understand

This method is the same as "store users credentials in local server", except the local server asks local services, which ask your website and then tell the server if they are who they say they are. Then the server says it can come to chat or not, depending on how you want to set it up.

There are other methods of "creating" your users using this method, and I would encourage you to look at as Syzop suggested to find out more about Services.
The top one in the list on that page have its own web interface you can choose to use, for user creation, if you do not want to use a website.

There are many optional configurations depending on your needs.
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