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Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 4:01 pm
by fearcry
i ask myself how do i recognize a GZLINE?

I retrieve a List with the STATS G Command - for Example:

<RAW> 223 fearcry G * 0 82626 fearcry! :NoScannings
<RAW> 223 fearcry Z *@xx.xx.xx.xx 0 73006 fearcry! :NoScannings
<RAW> 219 fearcry g :End of /STATS report

I retrieve a "Z" for both ZLINE or GZLINE - or do i see it wrong ??

if i try to remove those lines by using:

ZLINE - @ip/host - it doesn't work sometimes . . .

but i can remove it with

GZLINE - @ip/host

It would be nice if unreal replying a "GZ" in this case for a GZLINE, so it would be easier on the clientside to recognize it.


Re: STATS G Reply

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2021 4:20 am
by DonTCry

/gline - Send the gline and gzline list
/zline - send the zline list

if you try to /zline *@192.168.* you will get an error:
- ERROR: (g)zlines must be placed at *@IPMASK, not *@HOSTMASK (so for example *@192.168.* is ok, but *@* is not). This is because (g)zlines are processed BEFORE dns and ident lookups are done. If you want to use hostmasks instead of ipmasks, use a KLINE/GLINE instead.