I locked myself out channel #opers.

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Re: I locked myself out channel #opers.

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I'll post here what i just wrote on IRC commenting about your thread.
Apparently irssi's policy is not to forward any commands directly to the server, only ones that are known so that the client can parse (and probably fix) user arguments. They suggest adding any unusual commands to the config or scripts for correct handling. Only recently they decided to support /ns, /cs etc by default.
MODE is a standard command, same with every server, so there's no worry it will be rejected.
And of course there's a script "dispatch" that works around that policy sending everything unknown to the server (look it up here https://scripts.irssi.org/ - not everyone likes it though).
I think what you was doing wrong was typing "/mode opers -i" - with missing # character. Irssi then wants to correct you and thinks "hey, there's no channel name, let's add one" and converts the command to "MODE #opers opers -i" - so the server treats all of the characters o, p, e, r, s as mode chars for a list mode requests. It only supports b, e, I, and there's only 'e' that matches, so it sends out an exception list. And the final parameter "-i" is ignored as it has nothing to do with 'e' list request.
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Re: I locked myself out channel #opers.

Post by CrazyCat »

what is the relation with unrealircd ? The trouble is in irssi or the script used.
I use weechat which has an option to send unknown commands to server, it globaly transforms unknown commands to "/quote command ..." and it's alright.
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