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New attempt at UnrealIRCd admin panel (call for help)

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2022 8:52 am
by Syzop
The JSON-RPC API in UnrealIRCd 6.0.5 can be used to create an UnrealIRCd admin panel. We had many positive reactions when we announced the possibility of an admin panel. Even a basic panel, where one could go through the *LINES and Spamfilters and have an easy interface to add/remove such bans, would be much welcome functionality. Sadly, as happens often with open source, the developer of the previous attempt is no longer working on it, there were no other people helping with development and end-users have trouble following the installation instructions to get it up and running.

So what now? We ourselves at UnrealIRCd are not true webdevs so we really need other people (web devs, volunteers) to work on this! Previously we from UnrealIRCd tried to "steer" to a solution where a lot of devs were available. So we chose PHP because lots of people know that language, we chose the most commonly used framework there, etc. etc. This time we are no longer doing this.

The main question is: who is willing to spend time and effort on, either a new project from scratch, or continuing the existing code?
Join #unreal-webpanel on if you would like to discuss, hang out, and/or work together on things.
It is entirely up to you, webdevs:
  • If you think the current code is a good start and want to continue with it, go ahead.
  • A new PHP project? Go ahead and try.
  • If you think a non-PHP solution is better, go ahead and create something.
  • If you think there should not be any server-side language involved at all (100% client-side javascript), fine, write a demo and show it in practice!
Our main requirement is that the admin panel needs to be Open Source (GPL, MIT, AGPL, whatever). Speaking of that, when you write code, it is good to keep in mind that someone will want to contribute to it sooner or later. It may also be wise to mention your combination of language / framework / etc. in #unreal-webpanel to see if other people would be interested in helping you too, but that is entirely up to you.

Re: New attempt at UnrealIRCd admin panel (call for help)

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2023 12:43 pm
by Syzop
Valware created an admin panel in PHP. It is currently working and already has basic functionality:
  • List users (and filter on them)
  • List channels
  • Server bans: list, add, remove
  • Spamfilters: list, add, remove
It can be downloaded from

Be sure to read the README there. Also, this more or less requires latest UnrealIRCd from git, as a lot of API functionality was added after the 6.0.5 release. If you try to use this admin panel with the 6.0.5 stable release then it is likely some functionality will not work (listing probably works though).

Re: New attempt at UnrealIRCd admin panel (call for help)

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2023 3:25 pm
by Syzop
I've been adding a lot of JSON-RPC calls in UnrealIRCd and Valware has been very active with coding the UnrealIRCd admin panel. The move to Bootstrap has been completed and things looks really well. I'm very happy with the progress.


If you want to test it out, you would need latest UnrealIRCd from git (6.0.6-git) and latest version from the panel from here.