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UnrealIRCd released

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Two days after 6.1.1 I have updated this release with version number It fixes a maxperip bug in 6.1.1 if you use a WEBIRC proxy where the proxy is on IPv6 and is spoofing an IPv4 client or vice-versa. This only affects a small portion of the users, so if you are not affected there is no need to upgrade from 6.1.1 to For fresh installations it is good to include this fix. The original 6.1.1 announcement is below:

UnrealIRCd 6.1.1
I'm happy to announce the release of UnrealIRCd 6.1.1 stable. This release comes with various bug fixes and performance improvements, especially for channels with thousands of users.

It also has more options to override settings per security group, for example if you want to give trusted users or bots more rights or higher flood rates than regular users. All these options are now in a single Special users article on the wiki.

Other notable features are showing better connection errors to SSL/TLS users and a new proxy { } block for websocket reverse proxies.

See the release notes for all information. As usual on *NIX you can upgrade easily with: ./unrealircd upgrade
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