UnrealIRCd 6.1.6 released

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UnrealIRCd 6.1.6 released

Post by Syzop »

Today I'm happy to announce the release of UnrealIRCd 6.1.6 stable. This is mostly a bug fix release but also comes with some enhancements. See the
Release notes for all the information.

As always, you can download UnrealIRCd from unrealircd.org. If you want to upgrade on *NIX, then use: ./unrealircd upgrade

For those who missed: UnrealIRCd turned 25 a few weeks ago! 🎉 See UnrealIRCd celebrates its 25th birthday.
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Re: UnrealIRCd 6.1.6 released

Post by CrazyCat »

Actually testing, probably use it in prod on 06-16 :)
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