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Unreal released

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Another update to latest stable release is out:

This release consists mostly of a few bug fixes. There's no need to update existing servers unless you are experiencing problems or if you are using SASL and have ping-cookie disabled (neither is the default).

The following bugs have been fixed:
  • Crash when SASL is enabled and ping-cookie is disabled
  • Compile issue with remote include
  • OS X compile problems
  • ./unreal backtrace not always working well
  • For silenced users we now only check the current nick!user@host
  • Server to server links now use latest TLS (eg: v1.2) instead of SSLv3
  • Added set::spamfilter::stop-on-first-match (default yes). You can change this to 'no' to have UnrealIRCd continue processing all spamfilters even after the first match.
    The spamfilter with the 'gravest action' wins (eg: gzline wins from block).
Full release notes available here

As always, you can download latest UnrealIRCd from http://www.unrealircd.com/
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