m_ircops help

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m_ircops help

Post by lilgreg1 »

I have the module m_ircops loaded. It works fine, but the problem is that it only shows the opers on that specific server, and not network wide. Any idea why? It worked before, then i made a new server, it does not fully work for it.
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Re: m_ircops help

Post by Jobe »

Try "/who +m-m o H" which should show all the users with user mode +o (global oper) and without user mode +H (hide oper)

If you don't see any opers listed for that, then check "/whois <nick> <nick>" to see what level the oper is on the other server. Bearing in mind that only global opers or above (user mode +o) will show in /ircops on all servers. If all your opers are "local" only, then they will only show in /ircops on the server that the using doing /ircops is on.

If all this still isn't the case then I don't know.
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