Anti-ClonesX sf ??

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Anti-ClonesX sf ??

Post by cl0ud » Fri Sep 23, 2005 9:13 am

Hi all,

I need help on this one and hopefully can someone guide me how to block these clones, probably with spamfilter?

* Joins: [`aZ^^ (~a_@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: ]^]`a^ (~_@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: [a][\] (~zza@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: [`^^`a (~__za@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: z^]]]a (~aaa@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: ^Z]a[` (~z__z@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: ^Z`\Z^ (~az_@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: [\Za`_ (~_aa_zz@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: ^Z]a[` (~z__z@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: [a][\] (~zza@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)
* Joins: [[\a]a (~z@6F9D65AF.464B8CD1.BC5725C4.IP)

Their quit msgs show me "ClonesX v1.501b". They are with 6 chars in the nickname & realname, different identds & same IP. But they came from a public IP which is being used by many chatters on our network. So all i can do is channel ban like ??????!*@IP and channel flood protection settings. But i want to block them from connecting.

Any idea? Thanks.

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Post by w00t » Fri Sep 23, 2005 9:48 am

Try using syzop's antirandom module, or using ircdefender.
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Post by Jason » Fri Sep 23, 2005 3:30 pm

/spamfilter + u kill - ClonesX_v1.501b_bot ^[\[`aZz\\\]^]{6}!~[az_]+@

Will catch all the examples you gave me.
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