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If your UnrealIRCd is up and running but you have a question about it, then use this forum.
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Server Help

Post by Tazmania » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:30 am

Hi. I am looking for a few answers and hope that you can help me. My first question
is this, 1) can l install this program on a home PC to test with?. 2) Do l need win
server 2008 to make it work? 3) will a friend be able to connect
from there home once
it is turned on? l have run a chat server before and want to try a more modern one
and l like the looks of this 1. I am om a fact finding mission right now, and l would
be willing to pay if someone would assist me in getting the basic set-up up and
running online on my dedicated serverand it has to allow any browser to connect via
web chat. And yes, before you ask, l do own my chat site name. So, anyone interested
in helping a Lady out? Let me know. And yes, l do have limited knowledge on some
coding. Thank You in advance for any help that you can offer.

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Re: Server Help

Post by CrazyCat » Fri Mar 22, 2019 7:22 am

You can run unrealircd on any computer, I personnaly use a raspberry PI 2 to test new releases or modules before using them on my real server. And you don't need Win Server 2008, you can use any "recent" windows even if a *nix distribution is better.
You can have your friends connected on your home ircd if you well configure your ircd (make sense) and your internet router (to have a port translation to your local PC).

Nota : having a webchat is independant of the irc server, and there's simple ways as using your own mibbit widget

Nota bis : You don't have to have coding knowledges to configure the server, just read the documentation and understand what it means ;)